OM Vietnam: You can simply send a email to us to share with us your desired travel experience wanted, destinations, duration, tentative travelling period, and number of pax travelling together, our professional tour consultant will revert to you with some options. To avoid last minute booking and service availability, its highly advisable that you plan your trips about 3-6 months prior to travelling.


OM Vietnam: Yes. we can. However, its always cheaper and easier to purchase International flight tickets at your originating city. Also, if you are not in Vietnam at the time of purchase, you have to aware of the overseas bank transfer costs to our bank accounts in Vietnam.


OM Vietnam: Yes. Most of the private tours we organise will offer a tiered pricing. It means the more number of people joining the group, the more discount you will get. In addition, our general FOC (Free of Charge) policy is: Every 15 adult guests travelling together, the 16th guests/tour leader will be Free-of-Charge based on Twin/double sharing basis. Every group subject to have maximum 4 FOCs.


OM Vietnam: Our accepted payment methods are:

(1) By cash at our offices.

(2) By Bank Transfer to our designated bank accounts (sender has to borne all bank transfer and currency exchange costs)

(3) Western Union / MoneyGem transfer. (sender has to borne all transfer and currency exchange costs)

(4) Paypal / credit card via Paypal. (+4% on the balance being the Paypal charges)

Note: Please indicate to us your preferred payment method so that we will invoice you likewise with payment details.


OM Vietnam: Yes, usually children have discounts. It depends on whether the child (usual hotels will go by the age limit) needs an extra bed in the hotel or pacticular tour or entrances, etc. Please indicate number of children and their ages if you ask for quotation and confirmation.


OM Vietnam: If you inform us much in advance of your trip, most of the time is free of charge. However, for different cases and scenarios, please refer to our Booking Condition (# 6: BOOKING AMENDMENTS)


OM Vietnam: Since we want to work together with you to ensure you have an enjoyable travel experience, thus, we would highly recommend that you can place your reservations 3 months prior to your travelling to avoid last minute bookings and availability problems.


OM Vietnam: In normal circumstances, no deposit required unless specified by individual quotation (which largely depends on the hotels selected). However, in order to confirm the booking, full payment is required by the specified deadline.


OM Vietnam: First, all cancellation must send to us via email or fax, and acknowledge receipt of the intent of cancellation by us. Depending on the cancellation date prior to travelling, the following cancellation fees applies: -

  1. 30% of tour fees if cancellation is 30 days prior to arrival 
  2. 50% of tour fees if cancellation is 21 days prior to arrival
  3. 100% of tour fees if cancellation is 07 days prior to arrival
  4. No refund for premature departure

After deducting cancellation fees from the total amount paid, balance will be refunded to your specified account / paypal (you have to borne the transaction charges) within 7 days after confirmed cancellation.


OM Vietnam: Depending on your nationality, and countries you visiting, you are required to possess valid passport (>6 months validity) and visa for the period of stay. Please consult our travel consultant for your nationality and countries you are travelling to.


OM Vietnam: Our tour guides and drivers will have their own meals and will not be sharing the same table with you during the meal unless you invite them so.


OM Vietnam: You can change money at the authorised money changer at the airport or in the city. You can also check with our tour guide for specifics.


OM Vietnam: When you send an inquiry to us, and during confirmation, we will double confirm the guide language with you. Sometimes, different language guides demand slightly different rates. And its advisable to confirm your bookings (by full payment) early so that we can confirm your tour with your language guide as well. However, for most of the JOINT TOURS, we normally only offer English Speaking Guide.


OM Vietnam: It depends on the countries you visiting: In Vietnam, although credit cards are accepted in some major hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. In Myanmar, therere hardly any merchants accepts credit cards. In Thailand, credit card is widely accepted in Bangkok and major cities. Its highly advisable that you carry enough cash to last your tour as most of small shops and street stalls do not accept credit cards.


OM Vietnam: In most of the cases, no medical record is required for normal tours. Please consult your doctor.


OM Vietnam: You can change the local money back to your local currency in the airport or any authorised money changer in the city. In Vietnam and Myanmar, you can change back to United States Dollars. In Thailand, you easily can change back to any major currencies.


If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email: our travel consultants will revert to you soonest.  Thank you.